How I F-e-e-l when I wear The Eight Senses

I seldom write testimonials, but I absolutely
adore this brand! Where do I start?
I could mention the line’s simple, yet
sophisticated aesthetic. Or I could share how
the pieces effortlessly - and stylishly - take me
from day to evening, city to city, or season to season.
I could also state how well the garments are
made and how luxe (yet durable) the fabrics
are. (And oh, how I love those fabulous,
functional hidden pockets!)
Yes, The Eight Senses is all this and more.
However, my favorite attribute of this brand is
how I f-e-e-l when I wear one of their pieces. I
feel chic. I feel current. I feel confident. I feel
like me, but me at my best.
When I wear their clothes, I have a little more
visual ‘tude. Somehow at 5’1”, I seem to stand
taller! Sound impossible? I encourage you to
try on one of their garments and you’ll see
exactly what I mean.
Carol Davidson

Extraordinary clothing

First, the clothing - elegant, sophisticated
designs and everything I purchased has pockets!
Several styles can be worn multiple ways,
like“transformer” clothing.
Each piece is unique, and beautifully crafted,
which makes you feel special wearing them.
The lines are clean, so you are able to
accessorize to your hearts content,
yet the clothes can be worn with minimalist
accessories too, if that’s your style ethos.
My absolute favorite new find! I purchased
several pieces, all of which are trans-
seasonal. What more could one ask for?
Suzanne Sofge

Unique, beautiful, and practical designs

I first discovered The Eight Senses when
they had a pop-up in Soho. 
N, the designer, is an amazing talent!
Her designs are unique, beautiful and very practical. 
Every detail is there for a reason and
many of her pieces can be worn more than one way. 
The fabrics are incredible both to wear and care for. 
The designs also work for all ages and body types. 
Truly, everyone can find something at 
The Eight Senses that they will look and feel beautiful in!
Darlene Reid-Dodick

Common sense design for the stylish, professional woman

The Eight Senses looked great
online, but as soon as I walked into
the flagship and put the clothing on,
I was SOLD.
Beautiful, quality fabrics, gorgeous
colors, and common sense design
for the stylish professional woman.
Ladies, you’ll no longer complain
that you don’t have enough pockets!
Oh, and DOG COATS!! Yup. My
ridgebacks are also enjoying the
thoughtfulness of this brand.
And for the warmest, most
functional coat I’ve ever worn,
check out the Oversized Puffer
Coat, aka the Limousine Coat!!
Dana Minuta


I have been a customer since
they were a pop-up, and waited
impatiently for them to open their store.
The clothes are fantastic; chic,
stylish, versatile and comfortable.
Everything that I have bought has
become a staple in my wardrobe.
Not only are the clothes amazing,
the staff is incredible. They are
extremely helpful, kind,
and honest.
Erica Freilich

To say I love The Eight Senses designs would be an understatement

Women dream of finding clothes that fit,
flatter, and feel exciting to wear.
The Eight Senses's designs have made me and
many other women's dreams come true.
As a wardrobe stylist, I know firsthand how hard
it can be to find clothes that fit and flatter
women of all sizes and ages and I'm so happy to
have discovered The Eight Senses.
Their clothes have beautiful movement, and
fluidity with the bonus of pockets.
Yes, pockets - every woman wants them, yet
other designers ignore this simple and practical
Scarlett De Bease