Music is Magic - 8 Uplifting Songs

Each of us has his or her own clothing style, and those specific clothing items which stand out in terms of being mood lifters. I believe there is a certain correlation between personal style of fashion and preference of music.

Another interesting correlation is in those special clothing pieces which bring joy, thanks to the amazing fit, the uplifting color, or the amount of compliments received while wearing these pieces. And parallel to that in the music world, each person has his or her favorite feel-good songs!

Music is magical in the way it can affect our mood!
In fact, it goes both ways; in just a few seconds melancholic music can bring the mood down, while uplifting pleasant music can instantaneously bring our frequency up :)

As the American author Fran Lebowitz says: “Music makes people happier, and it does not harm them, Most things that make you feel better are harmful, it is like a drug that does not kill you."
Fran’s above quote is from the Netflix original series ‘Pretend It's A City’, directed by Academy Award Winner Martin Scorsese.

There is a chemical reaction we have to music, but it is quite individual, and therefore what makes one feel a certain way may not be the case for all, but at the same time, there are songs which have a powerful, undeniable flame to them, and that flame is meant to be shared and enjoyed by many!

Some songs sound great at first, but when diving into the lyrics negative things are found… Although there is something beautiful about artists creating art out of difficult and challenging moments, in my opinion there is something even more beautiful about artist creating art that makes others feel good, aiming to inspire & energize.

I truly appreciate when the beat, the melody & the lyrics are all sharing an inspiring point of view, brought to life in a magnificent harmony.
Being appreciative of efficiency, I find working with music in the background helps to achieve a certain flow. The lovely rhythm of getting things done!

Throughout the years, talented artists have created many wonderful feel-good songs! For this blog post, I carefully selected some of my feel-good songs, connecting each of them with a sense of The Eight Senses; Sight, Scent, Sound, Taste, Touch, Intuition, Common Sense & Sense of Humor, in ways that make sense to me and may make sense to you as well :)


Here is my selection of the 8 uplifting songs by senses:


1. Sight – It’s a matter of Point of View.

To represent the sense of Sight, I chose the song “What a Wonderful World”, version by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole, and his gorgeous ukulele!

I truly enjoy the optimistic perspective of the lyrics. It’s all a matter of point of view, as we do not only see with our eyes, but we see with our presence & state of mind, and this is why different people often can look at the same thing, some would see the problem, while others would see the opportunity to grow from it.

Also, it is becoming more and more valid that gratitude-attitude will magnetize more of the good! Looking for the beauty in everything, choosing to be happy & feeling grateful for the little things brings one closer to happiness.

Favorite line: “and I think to myself, what a wonderful world”

The writer is noting that it is an internal conversation, embracing an optimistic point of view. It is the inner voice speaking – while there are so many things in the world which are not wonderful, the writer decides to focus on the things to be grateful for!

It is fundamental we manage our thoughts, to lead them to where we would like them to be, and yes we can do that! (See ‘Managing Thoughts’ blog post).


2. Scent – Stop & smell the roses

“La Vie En Roseupdated version by Grace Jones.
Smelling the roses to the gorgeous rhythm playing in this version, simply closing the eyes and sensing the beautiful garden of life.

This French song has a beautiful harmony with a romantic scent!
Favorite line (translated): “Everyday words seem to turn into love songs”.
Isn’t that gorgeous? A truly blissful perspective of appreciating the little things.


3. Sound – when the beat & the heart meet!

To represent the sense of Sound, I chose the fab version of the song “The Beat Goes On,” which was rewritten for the stunning Broadway musical The Cher Show.

The updated lyrics of this song are storytelling iconic Cher’s road to success, which was bumpy at times, yet she kept on going. Beautifully preformed by Michaela Diamond, Stephanie J. Block, Michael Berresse, Taurean Everett, and The Cher Show ensemble.

If anyone thought success is a matter of pure luck, please make no assumptions – all success stories had to go through a difficult path toward their success. While luck is a super important element in the process, one must work hard & be determined. All of these elements go best together! Hand in hand.

It often looks fabulous from the outside, but even a glorious career of an international icon has many challenges. There is always much more than the eye can see. Up and downs are part of the path in every career journey - it is about learning, improving, believing & proceeding.

While this song is saturated with examples for inspiring perseverance along her way leading to her success, the Fashion Designer in me selected a favorite line with humor:
“And the beat goes on - Not in that coat it doesn't!”

Every joke has a grain of truth to it, and this point is actually about the value of fashion, which played an important role is Cher’s career. Being an introvert, together with the American Fashion Designer Bob Mackie, Cher knew how to work with fashion on her side of the court, as a way to express herself. Style truly does speak volumes!


4. Taste – taste of life is not Coca-Cola, as an ad agency claimed in the 90’s.
Taste of life is: Freedom!

For an uplifting song representing the sense of Taste, I chose the joyful song “Free” by Ultra Nate.

I love the beat, flow & rhythm of this song, by the super talented Ultra, who Patrick & I had the pleasure of meeting in one of her DJ events in NYC.

Take action, dare, dance, be yourself, pursue your dreams - that is the amazing vibe I am getting from this iconic 2000 song.

Favorite line: Come on and try, now's the time
Focusing on the present. Not letting our fear and doubts hold us back, but to take chances and live life to the fullest. Choosing freedom is to allow our soul the space to pursue its true purpose; by following our true passions.


5. Touch – make your goals & dreams tangible!

“When Your Mind’s Made Up” preformed by Steve Kazee, who gave an incredible performance with the amazing cast of the Broadway musical ‘Once’.

This song is purely about determination, making the intangible - tangible.
Favorite line: When your mind's made up, There's no point in trying to change it
If you feel it strongly, do not overthink things – follow your heart, follow your gut!


6. Intuition – trust your inner voice, have faith, be patient & keep on going.

Often when my impatient self is seeking a loving reminder, “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” by Morcheeba is the right song to play, as it brings patience, and hope, led by the belief that certain things just have their own timing.

Embracing that understanding is calming the mind, and it is when the mind is calm that you can hear your intuition.

Favorite line:In order to love, child we got to be strong”
Love puts one in a place of vulnerability, yet opens much room for opportunity and a new kind of power.

When feeling afraid, sometimes a protective layer is formed, which prevents vulnerability, and therefore preventing real love. One truly needs to do the work, be strong, and have a healthy level of self-love and therefore the ability to truly love others. We need to have courage to pursue dreams, to love, to enjoy life, to live.


7. Common Sense – Look at the big picture

“Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” by Baz Luhrmann.

The Sunscreen song lyrics are saturated with life advice & a healthy perspective.
As if an older self is communicating with the younger self and guiding it how to approach the important things in life.
While there are so many powerful lines in this song, I chose the following:
Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it.”
This is a lesson every individual can benefit from!
Also, remember to choose organic sunscreen, chemical-free formula.


8. Sense of Humor – Every joke holds some truth to it! And what is humor - if not justified joy?

“Born To Be Alive” by Patrick Hernandez. At first glance it seems that the song’s name is stating the obvious, yet – is it really so?

When I pause to really think about it, it is witty, philosophical, and absolutely beautiful. Playing with words in a philosophical way; “We were born to be alive” is a statement which above the surface states something very clear and simple, yet due to circumstances, is too often forgotten, we were not born to live a lie, in sadness nor in fear - We were born to be ALIVE!

In the never-ending race of productivity, we often neglect some parts within us. Do not fall into molds dictated by society; instead, dare to do what is truly good for you.

We were born to walk in our souls’ path with passion & confidence.
My favorite line in the song is about gratitude: “It’s good to be alive.”
Instead of complaining and being caught up with issues and fears, choosing to appreciate that we are alive.
The pure joy of being grateful is a beautiful cycle - the more awareness you put into appreciation, the more grateful you are and the happier you become!


A song has the superpower to spread and be heard by many, because unlike speeches or other recorded audios, which we may not want to hear again and again, a good song can be played & enjoyed countless times!
The combination of mesmerizing instruments creating an amazing melody, with gorgeous vocals & lyrics - is an extremely high form of art.
A song has a powerful stage to tell a story, and if done well, we will want to listen to that story many times, and the song will even stand the test of time and be loved in decades to come. Using this power for delivering good messages, sharing valuable knowledge, and uplifting the listeners’ mood, reflect the artist’s beautiful soul mission.
Sometimes we need ‘reminders of joy’, and good music is a blessed way to bring good vibes our way.
Listening to optimistic, uplifting music is similar to an uplifting conversation with good people. Filling our days with great music should be a complementary act to the wonderful habit of surrounding ourselves with great people.
Choosing inspiring, energizing music to listen to can tremendously improve the day-to-day, and as a result, the future.
Monthly Challenge
Treat yourself by create an uplifting playlist with at least 50 fun inspiring songs you love!

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