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The Eight Senses 'Starter Kit' 8 Recommendations

Scuba Air Jacket Quick shop

Scuba Air Jacket

$328.00 USD

Touch Scarf Quick shop

Touch Scarf

$158.00 USD

The 8-Pocket Scarf Quick shop

The 8-Pocket Scarf

$228.00 USD

Style-up Vest Quick shop

Style-up Vest

$288.00 USD

Fashion Leggings Quick shop

Fashion Leggings

$128.00 USD

Raw Edge Reversible Quick shop

Raw Edge Reversible

$358.00 USD

Yoga Snap Quick shop

Yoga Snap

$198.00 USD

Reversible Neck-Warmer Quick shop

Reversible Neck-Warmer

$148.00 USD

Product Videos

Ready To Go Jacket

Business Casual

Style Up Vest

Way Back Zen Casual Version

The 8-Pocket Scarf

Hug Me All Day Scarf

Neck Warmer Jacket

The New Puffer Blanket


Gallery Vest


High Shawl Wool

Elegant With Sense of Humor

Reversible Oversized Puffer

Raw Edge Reversible Jacket