How To Protect Yourself From Manifesting The Wrong Things – 5 Items To Carefully Evaluate

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While we do not have full control over what we manifest for our future – In this blog, I would like to bring your attention to things you can do to manifest what you want, and other things which are better to avoid.

Before you continue reading - look around the room you are in, examine the decorative items carefully for a few moments, and genuinely notice your feelings. 

Was there a spark of excitement and optimism? Was there a sensation of gratitude? Did you feel at all inspired? Or was the feeling completely blank? Was it uncomfortable? Or was it a mixture of thoughts and feelings? And above all, can you differentiate which items led to which feeling?

These are many questions, which you may or may not have considered before, but they all share the same principle:

Via our sense of sight, our subconscious is a kind of magnet. You can actively choose & attract your life’s content, and you can be quite specific about the things you would like to magnetize your way, instead of magnetizing random things, like tumbleweeds rolling wherever the wind blows.

Each and every day there are repeating visuals in front of your eyes, certain motifs, which work directly with the subconscious mind – and that occurs even if you do not intend it to.

Here are the 5 daily items, which in the back of your mind become your active vision board:

  1. The art on your walls - around your home & office environment.
  2. Graphic design on products, which you use frequently.
  3. The items you place on your shelves: 3D decorative items, books, etc.
  4. The TV shows you choose to watch often.
  5. And lastly, your devices’ home screens.

The above 5 have a tremendous impact on your thoughts, actions & manifestation capabilities. In other words: your everyday environment gradually becomes your unintentional, yet powerful vision board.

While intentional manifestation is a powerful way to achieve your goals, there is also power in passive/unintentional manifestation, which can lead to manifesting things you do not want.

How many times a day do you check your phone?

Whether you selected the image on the home screen yourself, or it is just the default setting – that image plays an important part of your active vision. 

How about the content on your walls & shelves? Hanging right in front of you, each and every day. Either you selected the art in your environment, or it was chosen by someone else. If something is in front of you daily - it has a direct impact on your subconscious.

Be picky and intentional about your visual environment; be aware of your feelings, and be precise about your heart’s wishes. You may want to select images & affirmations attracting specific goals, such as good health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, fulfillment, joy and more.

It is also important to include your own pictures, which reflect your best-self on your Vision Board. Display pictures of your celebrations & milestones, generating good thoughts and energy - successful thoughts lead to more success.

If partnership is what you are seeking; when it comes to placing a decoration item in a key place which we see daily (such as a little wooden animal, or similar) - then it would be better to have a pair of these, if possible.

You also need to notice what not to manifest, selecting images carefully, and removing the wrong visuals around you. Scary, strange or uncomfortable visuals may lead to manifesting twisted realities.

A daily look at an image of a steep, dangerous mountain has a different impact than a blooming beautiful landscape. An image of a wild storm in the ocean would lead you to a different place than an image of a peaceful relaxing lake. A happy couple in a decoration picture would have a completely different effect than a single person.

Remember to always look for the double meaning when checking if an image is right for you. You should notice the details and all the possible meanings. Be very careful and specific about what you want to manifest, vs. what you want to steer clear of.

At first glance, certain images can look good and right, but you better verify carefully.


Here are some helpful points to check:

 A. How does the image make you feel?

If it makes you happy, hopeful, excited, and even smile, then yes! There is great potential here. If it does nothing, or worse, it makes you uncomfortable or sad, do not incorporate it into your environment.

B. Do the characters in the picture look happy or not?

It may seem unimportant, but when it comes to manifestation, you would definitely want the faces reflecting back at you to be genuinely happy!

C. Does the surrounding environment look supportive or unsafe?

Examine all the elements in the background carefully; do not accept sketchy looking visuals.

D. If you are looking for a romantic relationship - are there couples in the images on your walls or a single person in each of them?

It is extremely important to select images according to how you want things to be.

E. Are the goals & values you are aspiring to being reflected in the image?

If 1 or more of your aspirational goals or values are being reflected in each visual, this is great, if none of them are being reflected in a visual – you may want to edit things down.


Keep in mind you do not need to change a product you like using because the packaging’s graphic design is negative, instead, you can place the image away to make it less visible, or adjust the images by placing a sticker with a better meaning on them, remove the wrapping, draw a smiley face, etc.

A note about gifts: realizing how meaningful things could become, you should always be mindful of the gifts you are buying for others as well :)

The Importance of a Vision Board:

I am sure you are already familiar with the term ‘vision board’, and the magical benefits of working with it. But I am also pretty sure that you haven’t actually created one – how do I know that?

Because very often in conversations I have had about vision boards throughout the years, it seems to me that something is holding people back from acting upon it - even if they truly agree, even if they are very interested, they just do not do it for one reason or another.

Some will say: ”I have it in my mind.”, Others respond: ”It’s in my phone”, or they will find some reason that is holding them back, such as a lack of resourcefulness to print.

It should be fun to plan your goals and dreams, so why does it take so long to put a vision board together, or at least to get it started? Is it modesty? Fear? Laziness? Lack of faith in the power of the subconscious mind? The potential rewards drastically outweigh the almost nonexistent risk!   

When watching inspiring movies such as The Secret (2006) and other important movies with a similar message, one usually walks away feeling inspired to create a vision board! But people do not always follow up on that feeling… and instead of creating a vision board, they just go about their lives without clear, visible goals.

What people often don’t realize, is that while they are holding back from creating their intentional vision board, with photos reflecting their true dreams - there are other visual elements around them which actively behave as their vision board (whether they are aware of it or not, like these visuals or not, had personally selected them or not).

Include in your vision board a few levels of goals - dream big & dream small! Celebrate every success as you gradually achieve your goals with a sense of belief, hard work & patience.

Creating a vision board is not a one-step job, it is a process with stages of collecting the right images, printing them nicely, and putting them together in a layout that feels right. (All the while being cautions to avoid choosing images which might have undesirable double meanings).

It is essential to focus on what genuinely makes you happy, and not at all about what others will think or say.

If you are not sure how to create a vision board, here is a link to a short video by Jack Canfield, author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and strong proponent of vision boards:

A vision board works directly with the sense of sight, connecting with our imagination, our subconscious & conscious.

Be courageous; do not hold back from dreaming & manifesting due to fear. Do not minimize your dreams because of current uncertainties, and future unknowns. Yes, unfortunately the pandemic’s reality is still happening, but this too shall pass, and what you plant now you will harvest later. Have faith in the long run, and do realize that this strong belief is fundamental for manifesting success into your life.


Keep your eyes open to all the visuals in your environment. Wisely select or remove the visuals which do not reflect your values, or those that do not represent where you would like to be in a few years.

It is important to have goals, and to actively work toward them, but at the same time - to be grateful for what is, and to enjoy your path! Acceptance & optimism living together.

As you work toward your goals, with clear visuals in front of you, be genuinely grateful each day for the things you did accomplish!

Plant the seeds, keep going & be patient, often times patience is essential to progress.

Stay optimistic & be well!

Monthly challenge:
In the next few days, open your eyes a little wider,
and carefully notice all the daily visuals around you, big & small.
Make sure that each of these fits with what is in your heart for your future.
Curate your surroundings to coincide with your goals and dreams!


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  • Jordan Schaeffer - Revive Thrive Bloom on

    This is such a good post! I’ve always been very purposeful with what I pick as my phone background but never considered the impact of the decor in my home or the image on products I use. I will definitely be taking a good look around my home. Thanks!

  • Navya on

    A great reminder on all points. I have been meaning to do one lately and then forgot. Reading this made me neaten up in the apt again so things look better.
    Now to find some magazines. Thanks!

  • Gisela Viera on

    What a wonderful reminder that the things that populate our world matter and have a direct impact on what we are manifesting day by day. Thank you for writing this powerful article as a roadmap to becoming a conscious creator.

  • Scarlett on

    A beautifully write reminder to pay attention to what surrounds us. It’s the details that make the best impressions.

  • Katerina Yedidim on
    Beautifully written and eye opening!

    Thank you so much for this amazing article!

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