5 things I learned from slowing down

Most of us thought we would be doing something else, or would be somewhere else at this point in time - but ‘Life Happens’. 

Earlier this year, Patrick and I were packing up our Manhattan apartment, planning to move back to the beautiful and peaceful city of Dalian, China, where we originally met. 

Little did we know, that a few months later we would be living in sunny Florida.

This year definitely brought new challenges to everyone, but challenging situations are often lessons in disguise. Therefore it is our reaction that will impact the results the most.

As I am writing this, I am noticing that the word ‘learn’ is holding the word ‘earn’ inside it.

We are all learning lessons in handling uncertainty while practicing patience. We were forced to ‘slow down’ and rethink our steps.

Here are my learnings:

1. Wait a minute, where exactly am I running to?

The last few years included a very hectic routine: Meetings, E-mails, sketching, events coordination, events execution, photo-shoots, rushing to meet deadlines, flights, working long hours, nearly no weekends, juggling between the office and the store, as well as nighttime communication with the overseas office.

Looking back, I'm not sure how I did it, but it was my routine - and I loved it.

The global pandemic shifted gears for everybody, one way or another. Perspectives evolved, and priorities were further brought to awareness.

‘Ambitious me’ realized that life happens now, and it is time to take a chill-pill and enjoy a more balanced life.

2. It’s OK to rest, it is even important.

We were fortunate to spend the lockdown period at my in-laws’ house, where we had quality family time. Before that extended stay, while caught in hectic schedules, we were only gathering with family for relatively short visits in Cincinnati, in New York, and in Israel. But this unique time was a precious opportunity, which we were aware of and cherished.

Going from waking up early and working nearly 7 days a week, suddenly getting good rest started to make so much sense.

Being productive has always been important to me, and that is probably the reason why, as a habit, I would not feel comfortable resting much - even feeling guilty. I know this is in the mind of many other women too. There is no need to feel bad taking a break and resting - in fact, it is important for our immune system!

3. Enjoying the little things

2 years ago, while sitting by myself on the rooftop terrace of the building we were living in, I shuffled a stack of daily inspiration cards, curious to read which message will appear. My card said “Enjoy the little things, because later you will find out these were the big things.” After reading the card, I thought to myself, I already know to enjoy the little things… I should take another card.

I reshuffled the cards, and selected another card. To my surprise, the card that came up was the exact same card! In that moment I realized there must be something to it, and I need to apply this message further, which I did.

But now I am aspiring to take it to the next level - to not only enjoy and appreciate the little things, but also to celebrate them! Celebrating sweet little moments, as well as celebrating every little success.

4. Making plans is important - but so is being flexible

I am a strong believer in being proactive, and making things happen. But this period of uncertainty shows us that we cannot predict & manage our schedules as well as we thought we could, therefore it is good to be humble & flexible about it.

When we decided to close the retail store at the end of 2019, and to transition to ‘online only’, there were mixed feelings all around. But in retrospect, it was indeed for the better.

Life takes you on a certain journey to where you need to be. Patrick and I truly wanted a place to enjoy green nature and dogs. Yet all along we thought that buying a house with a yard would happen at a later stage in our lives - but with all that has been happening, we suddenly realized that now is the time.

5. Spending time in nature is essential to achieve a peaceful mind

While in the suburbs of Cincinnati we got to spend time around the house, surrounded by nature, hearing the birds and the squirrels, and we became more grounded.

Remembering that we are in fact - part of nature, is helping to keep things in perspective. In this pastoral environment, it became easier to listen to my intuition, the 6th sense, much easier than it was in the heart of Manhattan. 

Spending more time in nature has me feeling more in-tune, and it feels right.


With all of these learnings resulting from current times, we now lead a different lifestyle, and I can now spend more time on additional passions of mine, such as song writing, children’s book illustrating & other creative projects - while having dogs around :)


Each ‘Life Happens’ blog post will include a monthly challenge, and the essence of the challenge is creating win-win situations!

Monthly challenge:
Each day, try to give a candid compliment to a person you meet in person or talk on the phone with (social media compliments do not count in this challenge). It can be a person you know well or not. And the compliment needs to be heard clearly - even through a mask… in addition, give a candid complement to yourself about the daily progress you are making. A candid good word has a wonderful impact, which we all need.
Also, I would love to hear your thoughts and your learnings from slowing down in the comments below!



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  • Carrie Pankratz on

    So many of us have had big changes this year. I agree that we need to slow down and think about the things we are holding onto that are not healthy. I made a big career change and I finally feel peace. It’s crazy how much more myself I feel. I love your monthly challenge. I’m accepting the challenge and heading out to give compliments :)

  • Shannon Stanczak on

    Love your blog my dear… so happy to still have your energy present in my world.

    I’ve learned that change is the most present constant in my life (especially this year). It used to upend me but I’ve learned/am still learning how to flow with it… breath… and remind myself there is another side to the door.

    The reinvention of my teaching /training platform has enabled me to have good nights sleep, actually exercise more regularly (ironic for a trainer:-) and spend more time in the country (with my dog:-)

    There has been great loss this year but the extra time I’ve had has allowed me to relish the precious moments I would not have had during my regular busy schedule.

    The more I think about the year the more little gratitudes that come to mind and heart.

    Thank you Hen for reminding me of the joys this challenging year Brought with it!!

  • Lili Bosse on

    Love your blog! I found that we share much of the same learnings from these past months . I have found blessings that came from this surreal time . I too am appreciating nature in new ways, and loving more time with family . Not rushing constantly has been a blessing and truly the realization of what ‘truly’ matters . Sending love . Grateful for you

  • Beth Kemble on

    I loved your blog! Also I’m so happy that you have stopped to smell the flowers! Nature is pure peace and serenity. What my husband Rick and I learned is that exercise is important- of course we knew that but now it is top priority. And instead of exercising separately, we exercise together- every day, 7 days a week, at least 2 miles a day. We have had more together time in the past 6 months than in our whole marriage. We spend so much time talking, walking and just being together. I also have seen and spent more quality time with all my daughters than I have in years.
    I am so glad you and Patrick are happy in Florida!

  • Scarlett De Bease on

    Silver linings are what I’ve discovered during these past 6 months. Although I am stressed from what is going on in our world, I’ve also discovered that we play more games at home and get more chores completed. Personally I’m finally experiencing my dream of working 100% virtually which allows me to have coffee in bed whenever I feel like it as the commute to my office is only 30 seconds now.
    I’m also thrilled that you and Patrick stayed in the U.S. :)

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